Sunday, 4 September 2011

SSH and copy/install files to ipod/iphone

You need your iDevice to be jailbroken to get the OpenSSH package from Cydia and optionally SBSettings from Cydia to easily turn on/off SSH (which makes things a little bit easier and faster).

  1. Find the IP address of your iDevice in settings > wifi > blue arrow next to connected network, or alternatively, find it in SBSettings. (Make sure the pc you are connecting from and your iMachine are on the same network!)
  2. Open a terminal and browse to the folder with the files you want to transfer.
  3. Type: scp file.type root@ (or whatever the IP and/or folder is you need to copy to. /var/mobile/ is used to install applications) Answer yes if this is the first time you connect and it bugs you about fingerprints. Default password is 'alpine'.

  4. Optional:

  5. Transferred files can be installed by ssh'ing into your iDevice by opening a new terminal and typing: ssh root@ Again, answer yes if this it bugs you about fingerprints and the password will be 'alpine' again.
  6. Files can be installed as follows: cd ../var/mobile/ This will take you to the folder mentioned before.
  7. To install .deb files: dpkg -i file.deb

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