Sunday, 4 September 2011

Open PDF locked with the FileOpen Webpublisher DRM on OS X

If you have been unlucky enough to have to open files with the FileOpen Webpublisher DRM (ugh!), here is how to install it:

First of all, you will need Adobe Reader, as sadly, the needed plug-in isn't compable/available with Preview.

Second you will need the actual FileOpen Webpublisher] plugin for Adobe. When Adobe Reader is installed, go to your /Applications/ folder in Finder and right click on Adobe Reader and 'show package contents'. Copy the *.acroplugin files to the 'Plug-ins' folder of your Adobe Reader installation.

The next time you start Adobe reader, it should show up under Adobe Reader > Show 3rd party plugins.

It is now installed and should work correctly!

To remove the DRM in OS X, you can just print a new pdf...

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